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Mission Collection

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Highlands Bed


89-952-Q  Highlands Bed, Queen

89-952-Q-HB  Highlands Bed, Queen - HB

89-952-Q-HB-PLS  Highlands Bed, Queen - HB, Platform/Storge

89-952-Q-LFB  Highlands Bed, Queen - LFB

89-952-Q-LFB-PLS  Highlands Bed, Queen - LFB, Platform/Storage

89-952-Q-PLS  Highlands Bed, Queen - Platform/Storage

89-952-K  Highlands Bed, King

89-952-K-HB  Highlands Bed, King - HB

89-952-K-HB-PLS  Highlands Bed, King - HB, Platform/Storage

89-952-K-LFB  Highlands Bed, King - LFB

89-952-K-LFB-PLS  Highlands Bed, King - LFB, Platform/Storage

89-952-K-PLS  Highlands Bed, King - Platform/Storage

89-952-C  Highlands Bed, Cal King

89-952-C-HB  Highlands Bed, Cal King - HB

89-952-C-HB-PLS  Highlands Bed, Cal King - HB, Platform/Storage

89-952-C-LFB  Highlands Bed, Cal King - LFB

89-952-C-LFB-PLS  Highlands Bed, Cal King - LFB, Platform/Storage

89-952-C-PLS  Highlands Bed, Cal King - Platform/Storage


91-952-Q  Highlands Bed, Queen

91-952-Q-HB  Highlands Bed, Queen - HB

91-952-Q-HB-PLS  Highlands Bed, Queen - HB, Platform/Storge

91-952-Q-LFB  Highlands Bed, Queen - LFB

91-952-Q-LFB-PLS  Highlands Bed, Queen - LFB, Platform/Storage

91-952-Q-PLS  Highlands Bed, Queen - Platform/Storage

91-952-K  Highlands Bed, King

91-952-K-HB  Highlands Bed, King - HB

91-952-K-HB-PLS  Highlands Bed, King - HB, Platform/Storage

91-952-K-LFB  Highlands Bed, King - LFB

91-952-K-LFB-PLS  Highlands Bed, King - LFB, Platform/Storage

91-952-K-PLS  Highlands Bed, King - Platform/Storage

91-952-C  Highlands Bed, Cal King

91-952-C-HB  Highlands Bed, Cal King - HB

91-952-C-HB-PLS  Highlands Bed, Cal King - HB, Platform/Storage

91-952-C-LFB  Highlands Bed, Cal King - LFB

91-952-C-LFB-PLS  Highlands Bed, Cal King - LFB, Platform/Storage

91-952-C-PLS  Highlands Bed, Cal King - Platform/Storage

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NOTICE: Our factory tour is closed on Tuesday, 7/1 and 7/8, as well as one or two weeks in late December.

— Please call ahead at (315) 682-5500 if you would like to verify the tour schedule. View more information about our factory tour here.

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