For those who dream up rooms in a mix of looks, Portfolio120 offers artful, eclectic objects and capsule collections designed to live in any room, alongside any style. And because each piece is built to Stickley’s highest standards of quality, consistency, and craft, its impact on a home will last a lifetime.

Product Spotlight

Hayward and Oleander

Chic, curved seating feels right at home in our eclectic Portfolio120 Collection! Our new Hayward Curved Sofa and Sectional offer show-stopping style, and the enveloping Oleander Swivel Chair pairs beautifully with both.


A New Rulebook on Style

Leave what you think you know about Stickley at the door. We’ve taken our 120 years of furniture expertise and set off in new directions of form and materials. The finest solid hardwoods are still the starting point, but the results are eclectic, versatile, and full of possibility.


Perfecting the Unexpected

The looks may be new but make no mistake: Portfolio120 designs are thoroughly considered and carefully curated. They are also flawlessly executed using techniques we’ve perfected over generations. Each piece brings with it a lifetime value only Stickley can deliver.

  • Dearborn

    Dearborn's slabs of white oak, lightened by radial curves, become their own works of art.

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  • Welland

    Solid oak, exposed joinery, and metal accents put form and materials at center stage.

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  • Yarrow

    Clean and modern, Yarrow features Y-shaped details that create dynamic silhouettes.

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Portfolio120 Finishes

Portfolio120 pieces are all available in any of Stickley's fine oak finishes. Here is a curated group of our favorites!