Press Release
Contact: Beth Chang, Director of Marketing
315-682-5500 ext. 2323
January 3, 2023

Meet This Year’s Collector Edition from Stickley

Manlius, NY: L. & J.G. Stickley is excited to launch its annual Collector Edition for 2023, the Craftsman Console. This limited-edition piece honors a fundamental Arts and Crafts idea: that true beauty is found in simple, useful objects, impeccably crafted.

Associate Designer Joe Dunaske took the lead on this year’s piece, advised by Director of Design Marissa Brown. He asked colleagues for their wish lists of features, then incorporated those requests into the final design. As a result, the upper shelf is wide enough to hold the longest high-end sound bars; the lower shelf space is tall enough for a collection of LPs and large coffee table books; a center back splat conceals power cords from TVs; and there's enough room under the bottom shelf for a robot vacuum. Few Collector Editions have been so specifically designed for the modern world.

Dunaske was inspired by early Gustav Stickley Mission style in conceiving the Craftsman Console’s solid-oak slab construction, and he relied on bold, visible joinery that lets you see how the piece fits together. Two shelves are joined with keyed tenons to slightly canted sides, and subtle arcs at the base help lighten their footprint. Beneath the 56-inch overhanging top, a 34-inch side-hung, center-guided drawer is extra-wide yet unobtrusive thanks to its lack of hardware.

Stickley’s Als Ik Kan shop mark is laser-engraved on both sides. Interpreted as “to the best of my ability,” it’s a guidepost for the designer who dreams a new piece of furniture into existence; for the lumberjack who harvests the perfect tree; for the artisan who meticulously crafts every detail; for the merchant who brings the finished piece to market. Finally, Als Ik Kan becomes an affirmation, quietly reminding you how to take on life’s challenges each day.

The Craftsman Console is available nationwide. Visit the store locator to find an authorized dealer. In select areas of the country, purchase online at

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