The Stickley Ethos

Why Shop Stickley?

Honoring tradition: We keep alive the best traditions of American furniture-making while evolving them for today’s homes.

Family-owned, community-driven: When you support Stickley, you support the “home team”: a local business that actively gives back to the communities it operates in.

Superior craftsmanship: Our time-tested techniques and gifted artisans guarantee every piece’s strength and longevity.

Honest materials: Only the finest premium hardwoods, sourced and used sustainably, go into our product.

Hand-applied finishes: The clarity of our exclusive finishes allows the beauty of the wood’s grain to shine through.

Intelligent design: We know how to make furniture beautiful while providing the function families rely on.

Exceptional upholstery: Supremely comfortable styles, from traditional to modern, can be customized with motion, sectionals, sleepers, performance fabrics, and fine leathers.

Quality Worth the Investment

When you buy Stickley furniture, you won’t need to replace it after a few years. We build every piece to last, creating heirlooms to be passed down through the generations. And nothing is more sustainable than furniture built to last a lifetime.

We invest in only the best materials, including premium hardwoods, fine stone tops, and high-quality hardware.

Our time-honored construction techniques, including mortise and-tenon joinery and side-hung and center-guided drawers—alongside thoughtful choices like quartersawing white oak—require more care and effort but result in a stronger, more durable product.

Classic Stickley features like our hand-applied finishes, intricate carving, and delicate inlays require the hands-on work of many skilled craftspeople—people whose time and effort are a meaningful investment.