Mission Morris Chairs – Special Value

The Stickley Morris Chair has remained a classic while also inspiring updated styles for today’s homes. Variations include modern bustle-back cushions and state-of-the-art motion technology.


The Originals

See for yourself why classic designs from the era of Gustav and Leopold Stickley are still in demand after 120 years!


Modern Comforts

These top-selling chairs feature plush bustle-back cushions with a more contemporary look and up to-date mechanisms for manual reclining.


Mission in Motion

They look like heirlooms at a glance, but their Arts and Crafts style disguises state-of-the-art motion and wall-hugging technology.

  • Original Bow Arm

    Styled after Gustav Stickley’s first chairs, our original bow arms are open underneath, with short supporting corbels and quadralinear posts.

  • Bow Arm with Slats

    In later styles, the bow arm is slightly raised at the front with highly elongated corbels and a row of wide slats.

  • Spindle Arm

    This modified arm is angled rather than bowed, and its supports are narrow spindles, similar to the style of the Prairie School.

Special Value

Get Mission Morris Chairs in select Crypton fabrics or Gibson leather at a special value price!
See your local dealer for details.