St. Lawrence

The St. Lawrence Collection has a new take on classic woodworking, with bold silhouettes emphasizing the beauty of solid white oak. Quiet metal details and clean moldings are among the touches that create a time-honored yet subtly contemporary look.

Featured Categories


Artistry in Oak

To show off its complex cathedral grain, solid white oak is wire-brushed, a technique that lifts away softer fibers and exposes the deeper, harder texture beneath. Our clear Bay Brown finish allows this spectacular grain to shine through.


Style for All Occasions

St. Lawrence’s living room groups have unique charms. The Post group has round, tapered legs that extend to the tabletop, while the Turned group echoes the bold, banded shapes of our dining tables. Even more contemporary, the Metal group’s mix of soft, warm-hued metal with solid oak feels fresh yet relaxed.

  • Finish & Hardware

    Finely balanced between warm and cool, our Bay Brown finish is paired with octagonal knobs of darkened metal.

  • Stone

    Sealed quartz tops make practical, stain-resistant surfaces.

  • Fabric & Leather

    Linen-colored Crypton textured fabric protects from spills, while Mason Brown performance leather is durable and fade resistant.