Meet the Craftsman Console

Available in oak or cherry, the console is an endlessly versatile piece, equally functional as an entry or hall table, entertainment stand, bookcase, linen shelf, and more. Two shelves are joined with visible keyed tenons to slightly canted sides, laser-inscribed with Stickley’s Als Ik Kan (“to the best of my ability”) shop mark. 

  • Woods and finishes 

    The Craftsman Console can be ordered in either oak or cherry, with your choice of any of Stickley’s beautiful oak and cherry finishes.

  • Iconic joinery

    Visible mortise-and-tenon joinery—like these impressive keyed tenons—contribute to the console’s stability, durability, and Arts and Crafts style.

  • Subtle details

    Our designers incorporated thoughtful qualities that add beauty and lightness, such as canted side panels with gentle arcs at the base. 


Als Ik Kan

This Flemish crafter’s motto used by Gustav and Leopold Stickley, interpreted as “to the best of my ability,” is the heart of the Stickley philosophy. It’s a guidepost for the designer who dreams a new piece of furniture into existence; for the lumberjack who harvests the perfect tree; for the artisan who meticulously crafts every detail.