Walnut Grove: Mid-Century Modern Masterpieces for Every Room

Walnut Grove: Mid-Century Modern Masterpieces for Every Room

When it comes to timeless interior design, few styles are more attractive to contemporary home owners than mid-century modern.

Originating between the 1930s and the 1960s, this architectural and design philosophy is characterized by clean lines, functional forms, and a balance between form and function. It is therefore known for its simplicity, organic shapes, and the use of innovative materials—qualities that are all appealing even in modern times.

Here at Stickley, one of our best-selling collections owes much of its inspiration  to midcentury modern design: the Walnut Grove collection. Read on to explore the  pieces you should consider purchasing today if you want to hit the perfect mid-century modern note in your home.


For most people, the dining room holds the soul of the home. It’s one of the most functional and important areas, the site of family  gatherings, everyday meals, and important conversations.

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The dining table, of course, is its centerpiece. Our recommendation is a classic walnut dining table in the mid-century modern style: the Walnut Grove Round Dining Table.

The Walnut Grove Round Dining Table is made from black walnut, like all of the pieces in our Walnut Grove collection. The light and airy base of this walnut dining table is composed of structural ellipses, holding up a table top that parts in the middle to accommodate two 18-inch leaves.

Doing so brings this walnut dining table from intimate to expansive; starting with a 46-inch round top that comfortably seats 4, it can become an 82-inch long table with race track ends that can accommodate up to 6 diners.

For a visually unified and cohesive look, the Walnut Grove Round Dining Table can be paired with Walnut Grove Side Chairs and Walnut Grove Arm Chairs

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If the dining room contains the soul of your home, then the bedroom is its hidden heart. Private and highly intimate, it’s much more than a place to rest your head and deserves to be furnished and decorated with care and respect.

The Walnut Grove Spindle Bed is one of our most artful offerings, highlighting the beauty of black walnut in every burl, swirl, and knot. It comes in an inspired mid-century modern design, with a sculptural front and side rails, a cantilevered base with radial corners, and legs that taper with refined grace to the floor.

For those who prefer the cozy look of fabric upholstery, there’s the Walnut Grove Upholstered Bed. This elegant piece features a solid headboard that gives off a “draped fabric” illusion, along with rich walnut rails and soft brass ferrules.

To bring balance to the bedroom and anchor your chosen bed to the space, consider adding a pair of nightstands and placing them on either side. We offer two variations that pair perfectly with our beds: the Walnut Grove Nightstand and the Walnut Grove Open Nightstand.


First impressions matter, and in your home, how you furnish and decorate your living room can make a huge difference in how it is perceived by visitors. It, too, is a multi-functional space where guests will be received and entertained and precious family memories created.

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It also happens to be where you can have the most fun. Depending on your needs, the living room is where you can let your imagination run wild in terms of decorating the space.

Start with a comfortable couch: our Walnut Grove collection includes the Morgan Sofa, the Paxton Sofa, and the Walnut Grove Sofa, which are all quintessentially mid-century modern in style. We’ve made it easier than ever to find accent chairs that pair perfectly with these sofas, providing the matching Morgan Chair, Paxton Chair, and Walnut Grove Chair.

Of course, you can mix and match these pieces to your heart’s desire, depending on the look that you’re going for. They all look great together!

The Walnut Grove collection also includes our Walnut Grove Recliner, which is an absolute must-have for those who enjoy lounging or curling up with a good book. It has the sophisticated profile of an accent chair but is effectively a recliner in disguise, easing from a closed, upright position to reveal a hidden footrest, and then to a full recline from there.

Our Walnut Grove collection includes more gems than those listed above. You can view the whole range of products here! Browse our selections now and bring the beauty of mid-century modern interior design into your home.