Our Favorite Things: Stickley Staff Picks

Our Favorite Things: Stickley Staff Picks

[originally posted December 6, 2022]

It’s the time of year when many of us are making holiday wish lists. In that spirit, this month’s blog polls a variety of Stickley staff members for their favorite Stickley piece—one they own or perhaps dream of owning! They’ve shared some wonderful stories, and in their choices you’ll see Gustav and Leopold–inspired designs in both classic and contemporary styles, favorites from our modern collections, and even a sneak peek at a piece coming soon in 2023!

Aminy I. Audi, CEO & Chair of the Board

“Asking me to choose my favorite Stickley piece is like asking me to choose my favorite child. There are so many pieces I love and cherish. I favor all the Harvey Ellis pieces with beautiful and intricate inlay. The Harvey Ellis Bed in our guest room offers a very warm welcome to family and friends and I love it more and more every day.”


Bogdan Pototsky, Manlius Production Superintendent

“The Bow Arm Morris Chair Power Wall Recliner is one of the most comfortable chairs we make. It represents one of Leopold Stickley’s original designs made into a modern electrical recliner. I like the oak finishes 31-Centennial and 32-Onondaga. There are too many great leathers to name, but I would cover it in one of the Gibson leathers depending on the room setting.”

Marissa Brown, Director of Design

“The Walnut Grove Credenza was a fun piece to design. It was all about challenging myself to consider function with an element of surprise and delight (for example, the end doors that swing out to reveal extra storage). 

On a more personal note, I always design with someone in mind. Credenzas are a piece of furniture my mom often talked about when I was growing up. Our dining room only had room for my upright piano, occupying the space where her “dream” credenza should have been. So in the back of my mind, I incorporated many of the qualities that I knew she would enjoy, filled with function and style.”

Beth Chang, Marketing Director

“This was an easy choice for me because I love all things floral! The Grand Poppy Table is inspired by a whole series of botanical tables Gustav Stickley designed more than 120 years ago. It’s absolutely beautiful from every angle.”


Jim Torres, Merchandise Manager

“The Eastwood Chair and Footstool are from an original Gustav design from around 1901! Wow. This chair has a commanding presence. The architectural design works well in today’s interiors and features all the impressive Stickley construction features we love. I dream of sitting by the fire in an Eastwood chair (in buttery soft Livorno Forest Green leather) with a good book and cup of coffee!”


Tom Graham, Quality Manager

“My pick is the Server with Gallery from our new Surrey Hills Collection [editor’s note: look for Surrey Hills in early 2023!]. The simple but elegant design with open laser-cut fretwork as an added detail really caught my eye. The backlit fretwork feature would truly be a conversation piece when entertaining in the home.”


Jim Rider II, Director of Engineering

“In April of 1998, not long after I started working in Engineering as a product engineer, I worked very closely with Bill DeBlaay, our Designer, as we reproduced the original Gustav Stickley Collector ChestI remember tracing the Harvey Ellis inlay design from the lid and uploading it into CAD. Bill was hypercritical that all my lines flowed perfectly to recreate the beauty of the original design. What might have seemed a little tedious at the time gave me an appreciation for doing a job to the best of your ability—Als Ik Kan. I'm happy to see that it's still in the line 24 years later.”



Tina Ramie, Inside Sales Coordinator

“We have Mission furniture throughout our house, but I would have to say that my favorite piece is the Mission Cocktail Table. We’ve had it for more than 24 years, and it’s still as beautiful as the first day we got it. In the colder months, we have it downstairs in front of the fire where we put out candles and savory foods to enjoy. In the warmer months, we put it upstairs where we place flower arrangements, magazines, or books. It’s a table that we seem to always gather around, and it moves wherever we seem to gather most!”



Kendra Perley, Sales & Marketing Assistant/Trade Concierge

“The Walnut Grove Gathering Island and Counter Stools are beautiful AND functional! The patented design is something I have never seen before and adds that much-desired extra seating when we have company!”



Amanda Clifford, Stickley Museum Director

“To be fair, I enjoy many pieces across the collections. But the Gus Bow Arm Morris Chair is a classic example of Gustav Stickley’s early Arts and Crafts/Mission designs. At The Stickley Museum, my desk is very close to a similar chair on display. I enjoy studying its construction and the subtle curve of the arms which is repeated in the curve of the seat rails. It’s simple, it’s comfortable, and that’s all one can want in a chair.”



Paul Peters, Director of Product Development

Leopold’s Chair and Ottoman embody our Als Ik Kan ethos. First and foremost, it’s a beautiful form—a timeless design that is as relevant today as it was in the early 1900s. The seating experience is also one-of-a-kind, with perfect lounging pitch and thoughtfully placed carved arm knuckles for optimum comfort. We make Leopold’s Chair and Ottoman almost every day at Stickley Fine Upholstery, and I marvel at how our artisans consistently craft the deep tufted seat, back, and arms while gracefully tailoring the pleated roll back. These iconic pieces serve as inspiration for our current projects as I frequently ask the question, ‘What would Gustav and Leopold do?’”