Introducing Stickley’s 2023 Collector Edition!

Introducing Stickley’s 2023 Collector Edition!

[originally posted October 2022]

Last week at the October International Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina, Stickley unveiled the 24th entry in our popular Collector Edition program: the Craftsman Console. This strictly limited-edition piece, available in solid oak or cherry, continues our annual tradition of original, Mission-inspired designs, and it’s one of the most versatile we’ve ever offered.

Associate Designer Joe Dunaske took the lead on creating this year’s piece, advised by Director of Design Marissa Brown. He asked colleagues for their personal wish lists of features, then incorporated those requests into the final design. As a result, the upper shelf is wide enough to hold the longest high-end sound bars; the lower shelf space is tall enough for a collection of LPs and large coffee table books; a center back splat is positioned to help conceal power cords from TVs and media components; and (my favorite!) there's enough room under the bottom shelf for a robot vacuum to clean. Few Collector Editions have been so specifically designed for the modern world.


Yet there is no mistaking the Craftsman Console’s Mission pedigree. Joe was inspired by early Gustav Stickley style in conceiving its slab construction, and he relied on bold, visible joinery that lets you see how the piece fits together. In Joe’s words, “You can construct it with your eyes.” A 34-inch side-hung, center-guided drawer is extra-wide yet unobtrusive thanks to its lack of hardware. The side panels are canted slightly inward, and subtle arcs at the base help lighten their footprint.


Finally, Stickley’s Als Ik Kan shop mark is laser-engraved on both sides. Interpreted as “to the best of my ability,” it’s the very same phrase Gustav and Leopold Stickley used to guarantee the quality of their craftsmanship more than 120 years ago.

If you are imagining this striking piece in your home right now—perhaps as a showcase for your library of books or stocked with fluffy rolled towels and woven baskets of supplies in a guest room—you’re in luck, because the pre-order period has just begun! Simply visit this page on, follow the instructions to get your Pre-Order Code, and take it to your nearest Stickley dealer to place your order. There you’ll be able to select your wood preference in any of our beautiful oak or cherry finishes. Early purchasers will receive a numbered 2023 Collector Edition commemorative plaque affixed to the drawer interior.

For both long-time Stickley collectors and newer fans, the arrival of each new Collector Edition is an eagerly anticipated event! We think you’ll agree that this year’s Craftsman Console was well worth the wait.

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